Jan 11, 2021

Take things with a grain of salt

It’s an American English idiom.

I first learned this concept when I was in San Francisco. English is not my first language, so I had a hard time understand this concept. Turned out, it’s a powerful concept to help me navigate throughout my career.

It means to view something with skepticism or not to interpret something literally.

You put a doubt.

You do not immediately accept everything as truth.

When you look at concepts, opinions, or ideas. You should question it with skepticism. What doesn’t sounds right for you? And you can challenge or put a disagreement in a dialogue, which is very important in human culture.

My blog contains principles, ideas, and bits of advice based on my view and my experience. You should also take everything I say in this blog with a grain of salt.

Because that’s where the beauty is. When people doubt my view or notice some weaknesses in my arguments, they challenge me to help me look at my blindspot.

Take things with a grain of salt. But don’t be salty.

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