Jun 17, 2020

A simple exercise for career reflection

Sometimes, we need to take a pause and reflect to grow

Q: “Hi Budi, I want to keep growing, but sometimes I don’t know what to grow. Do you have tips for this?”

Take a pause

To take a pause and reflect is as important as make an action. Being to busy make us forget to navigate on what to grow. Instead of giving my thoughts on the details without the context. There is a reflection question I use to keep improving myself that you can try as an exercise. Here’s how it goes:

  • As a (your role), I see myself to (responsibility A, B, and C)
  • I need to (do responsibility) because (__). To achieve this, I need to do (tactic).
  • Currently, I’m not great at (things to improve)
  • Next, I want to (experiment to improve)

The goal of this exercise is to understand where you currently stand in your career. From here, we can build a self-development plan. You can do this alone. Or if you have a manager you can trust, have a conversation around this and ask them to give their perspective on what your responsibilities, a few tactics that can be used to achieve those, and what to improved. And vice versa, if you’re a manager, you can use this to think together about what to grow next.

It’s always good to do this from time to time, here is an example from my recent exercise:

As a lead, I see myself to empower team, make space, and remove blockers. I need to make space to give enough creative space and let them decide on the details. To achieve this, I have to align on the outcome and let them figure out the approach. I need to (other responsibility)… Currently, I can be better at setting up expectation. Next, I need communicate clearer expectation as early as possible in the project.

I hope this helps. Thanks for your question! To ask questions, ask me on Twitter or send me an email!

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