Nov 24, 2020

About self-doubt

I have self-doubt.

Sometimes, this small voice in my head makes me think if I’m a good designer. Or in my current role, I wonder if I already do my best to put down the strategy and setting up the environment for the team’s success.

The thing about self-doubt is it’s often seen as a negative concept. When I have self-doubt, it’s really annoying. But thanks to that feeling, I know what I need to improve. When I’m improved, it’s gratifying.

I believe that all the best and effective designers always have had experienced self-doubt. Leonardo Da Vinci once wrote to his diary, “Tell me if I ever did a thing.”

If you have self-doubt, maybe that’s necessary. We’re all, human, after all.

Self-doubt can turn into a rewarding improvement or a motivation if you hang onto it and face it. Not running away from it.

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