Jul 09, 2020

The blind horse designer

Well, I use that component because that’s what available on our design systems.

My stakeholders said my page have to be colorful, so I did it.

I did that because it is what it is.

From time to time, I get these answers from a few designers. Surprisingly, some people take things too literally. They don’t think critically enough. Imagine if a non-design people said they want the page to be colorful. They probably don’t mean it that way, if they have a better vocabulary, they’d say: Can we somehow emphasize this part? And, one of the ways to do it is to make it colorful.

It’s unfortunate. Because maybe the environment shapes some people to be like that. They probably tired and end up having that mindset. This can be damaging for them though. As designers, our root is our thinking.

If you work with people with this attitude, I hope you give them feedback, even if that make things uncomfortable. Help them see why that is not gonna be healthy for their career in the long-term.

Let’s think. Ask questions. Break things down. Think.

Don’t just get things done. Don’t be a blind horse designer.

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