Jul 07, 2020

Let's just try and see what happens

I hate this word: Why don’t we try and see what happens?

After you try it, you will see something happen, for sure. But that’s not quite useful. Because then what? How do we know if it successful?

Here’s the thing. When we build products, we can’t spend months on the research. We need to be fast because the market keeps moving, and the new company is going to disrupt with a new innovation.

If taking a blind guess doesn’t help and we can’t do rigorous research. Then, how do we deal with the fast-paced nature of the business?

I’d say, make your team think like a scientist. Sit together to form a hypothesis. Because that hypothesis can be a compass for your team.

The hypothesis can state what problem your team is trying to solve and describe the desired outcome. It’s something that can be referred to when your team wants to evaluate the product.

Try and see doesn’t help. Don’t use a gambler mentality to just try and see what happens.

Form a hypothesis.

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