Jul 20, 2020

Start your week with questions

Happy Monday!

Monday is the hardest day of the week, for some people at least. For me, it is another fresh and new starting point to get through the week as effectively as possible.

I used to start my week with an extensive to-do-list. It is fine, but often I find myself overwhelmed because I need to jot down all the tasks and need to renavigate in the middle of the week. I lose the bigger picture because the to-do-list is very detailed and specific.

It has been months that I’ve been experimenting to start my week with questions-based instead of to-do-list. Instead of writing, “Design Thinking for Business,” I will write a question on what exactly I’m trying to look out, “What are the business value of the team that uses design thinking?” This question can have multiple to-do’s and remind me throughout the week on what matters.

Now, for you. How would you start your week?

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