Sep 10, 2020

Entering product design – Overview

Behind any great product, there’s a team behind the scene who endlessly plans and thinks about how to improve the experience for the real customer and achieve value for the business.

In that team, usually, there is a product designer. This writing is intended for everyone in that role.

As the industry growing, I had a countless exciting conversation with product designers who are about to enter, just entered the industry, or growing their career to the next level.

Each designer I met always find a unique roadblock in different level of their career. And this is the reason I write this series, I want to explore a few topics and mindset to broaden your perspective and help you grow in your career I specifically speaking in the context of an in-house designer. Even though some aspects might be applied to a designer who works in an agency, I need to make this clear.

(This is a draft version of the book I’m writing. So, each chapter could feel jumpy or disconnected)

Let’s start

Now, let’s get into the first chapter: silver bullet, where I will touch about the first mindset you should ready to let go in order to grow.

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