Jul 24, 2020

Recognize assumptions

There was one point in my career that I feel clueless.

I felt like everyone in my team is having opposing opinions and I confused about which one should I listen to. Which lead me to paralysis and unable to make decisions. Fortunately, I had a mentor that helps me understand that I’m overwhelmed because I don’t separate between truths and assumptions.

What my Product Manager said not necessarily a truth. It’s an assumption. It’s okay to have an assumption too, but we need to separate them. I later actively capture every point in a post-it and separate them into two columns in our team’s whiteboard: 1) assumptions and 2) truth.

This helps me and the team because then we can move forward knowing that part is an assumption and we need to find a way to validate them; either by finding data to validate, or maybe do quick testing.

When somebody says something, ask yourself, is that an assumption or does it have concrete evidence to qualify as a truth?

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