Jul 21, 2020

Sandbox for your personal growth

If you’re lucky, you might find a good mentor in your current company. But, if I don’t have one, what should I do to keep myself growing?

Without a mentor, you might arrive at a realization slower. But it is doable to keep learning and growing. If you’re working in a company or doing some freelance job, you have an awesome luxury: a project. Which you might take it for granted.

Yes, a project is a space to learn something new. On each project, you can use it as your sandbox, so to speak. You can try some personal experiment; try to test new mindset you got from the book, do things differently from your learning on the last project, or try out new processes you discovered.

Create your own personal hypothesis. For example, I believe if my team can be explicit on the problem, it will give us a clearer understanding of the project and something to hang on throughout the project. After the project finished, reflect on that, does it actually worked? What went wrong? What should I test next time?

Not all of us lucky enough to have a mentor, but personal growth is definitely doable.

So, what’s your next experiment for your personal growth?

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