Aug 10, 2020

Design systems' area of influence: Service (3/3)

After system users start to use the offering, new challenges and tension will occur.

The design systems team will soon realize they need to help system users how to report issues, support the team when there is new need or question, and maintain the system.

While maintaining the system, more questions will come to mind: What should we do when the product teams found the border color is not accessible for customers? What if product teams need to request icon in a hurry? What if product teams need a pie chart that haven’t on the library? Can product teams make new components? How do we handle all of these challenges? The scenario will vary depends on how the team works in the company. The maturity of design systems can be valued based on how well the team designing this experience.

Identity, offering, and service: These are the three area for design systems team will need to influence directly to support product teams to build experience in a more efficient manner. If design systems lack in one of these three, it can cost issues.

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