Aug 11, 2020

You should actively apply for a new job

I often grab a few minutes to update my resume and constantly talk with a recruiter from another company. Sounds weird, right? It’s not that I’m unhappy with my current role. But there are a lot of benefits to applying for a new job. Here are 4 reasons I’m doing it:

Choose from best options, not the least worse options

If we apply for a job only when we really need to find a new job. We can be trapped in the situation to make a choice among bad options. When we actively apply, we can be really picky. It’s put us in a better position to negotiate as well.

Get perspective and build a connection

Even though it’s just an interview. I find it really interesting to talk with other people. I have a few favorite questions that I snuggle it during the conversation. Sometimes, I get an interesting perspective. Often, I get in touch with that person, this makes me have more options in the future when I really need a new job.

Constantly rethink your impact

When I apply for a new job, I’ll start to think, “What impact that I’ve done so far?” When I talk with the person who interviews me, what value would they see me bring on the table? If I don’t have many, I might as well do a better job. I really love this, because I can bring my best self to my current role and start to refocus my attention on things that matter: Making an impact.

Actively re-evaluate your value

Have you ever wonder if you’re being valued fairly? I think that’s totally normal. Although this should not be your primary motivation in your career, you might think about it from time to time! When you apply and see the offer, you can remove that worry from your head. Maybe you’re valued more in your current role, maybe not. Either way, you can definitely get this perspective.

It’s okay to put yourself out there, but don’t do it with an intention to always have higher pay. Because that’s not a good way to think about your career. I’d suggest doing this with an intention to get an outsider perspective and keep some good options in your back pocket in case you need it in the future.

However, don’t do this too often. You can get distracted.

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