Aug 13, 2020

Pulse check: Listen to your team

Working is like a roller coaster ride.

There are times when we feel challenged and excited. But, sometimes we feel down and uninspired. While 1on1 helps to check on each other, sometimes I’m curious about some people who don’t directly report to me.

By default, I will leave it to the manager who works with them for the sake of scalability. But, I find it useful to check periodically. I’ll message them: Hey, how are you doing? Later, I’ll ask them, “From 1 (being very unhappy) to 5 (being very happy), where are you?”

I was a bit worry this comes across as an awkward question but turned out people don’t shy to talk about this. In return, I’m surprised how enjoyable and casual the conversation. It helps me gain some context on the tactical and operational level since I find myself detached due to the nature of my role.

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