Sep 06, 2018

Preface: Welcome to

“Hey, what’s that on the sky? I asked my friend.”
“You mean those clouds(?)” he replied, confusedly.
“No, it looks like a tiger” I added.

Dear reader, welcome!

Hello! Those dialogue between me and my friend talked about how different our perspective when we were looking the same cloud during our trip. To be frank, it has nothing to do with this post.

In this post, I want to talk about the core reasons why I put this blog together.

Why I created this blog

The more I work in this mysterious “design” industry, the more I discover new puzzles ahead of me. And as I solve or understand them, I’d love to use this blog as a way for me to share what I’ve learned with you from the practical standpoint — I hope it will be useful to you.

Think of this blog as a neater version of my notebook.

The scope of this blog

In this blog, I’ll talk about various things from the design methods that I’m experimenting, the takeaways from the projects, some tips or tutorial, or even mistakes that I learned from. This blog is intended to be enjoyable and informative for everyone.

Hopefully, I can resist the temptation from sharing something outside of the scope, like food or travel story. I’m not making any promises though!

hello dear reader

Why Yellowstroke as the name?

Choosing name is always a hard job to do. After few explorations with the name, I want a name that represent my personality. I ended up with Yellowstroke. Simply, because yellow is my favourite color and the stroke to represent the drawing or painting; which I enjoy doing.

How you can participate

You are more than a reader. You are the critical part of this blog. I am a believer that an open and healthy discussion is always beneficial. Therefore, if at any point you’d disagree or agree with my writing — I wish to hear from you (I’m still working on the comment system for this blog, so reach me out via email for now).

You can ask questions, too! And if you think the post is worth sharing, it’s always appreciated :)

Most importantly, to get some update, make sure to subscribe on the mailing listing. If want to connect, I’m an occasional tweeter and also check some of my work on Dribbble.

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