Virtual mentorship with Budi Tanrim

Feb 1 - Apr 14

Mentorship program

Batch 01

Hi, I’m looking for 6 young and passionate product designers for 3 months of virtual mentorship. The objective is to work together on shaping your design career based on your current challenge and needs. It's totally free!

You will commit to 8 hours (8 session x 1 hour) in total for 3 months (Feb 1 - Apr 14).

I do this with two motivations: 1) Giving back to the community by sharing my experience and helping junior designers to thrive in the industry, and 2) Understanding common struggles in the industry today. I’ll use that as a basis of my book to help more junior designers and students on a larger scale.

Who (Criteria)

- You’re a junior to mid-level product designer or a graduated student.
- You’ve done 2-4 years of a full-time role as a product designer or equivalent.
- For the student: You have done an internship.
- You are an Individual contributor designer.
- You have a strong design fundamental & have a portfolio.
- You have a big ambition for your career.
- You live around the UTC+07 timezone (WIB).

Unfortunately, due to the timezone, I'll focus on the APAC area first. If there are interests from other timezones, I'll consider it for the next batch. I also aim for 3 women and 3 men as the proportion of this group.
If your current role is researcher or content strategist who look for a shift to be a designer, feel free to sign up and share your portfolio.

What will we do? (Commitment)

We will have a combination of 1-on-1 and group sessions. During the 1-on-1 session, we’ll talk about your current challenge and will end it with a concrete next step for you to experiment with. In between, we will have a group session where we share our learnings with each other. A few commitments to make this program successful:

- Being present and engaged for 8 sessions starting from Feb 1.
- Check the schedule here
- Do a light assignment before the session.

Sign up is closed.
Have questions? Send me a message on Twitter.
Update: I'm opening a paid 1-on-1 session for you who want to discuss career challenges or portfolio review.