My name is Budi Tanrim.

I'm currently a Senior Principal Designer in a public sector of Education. We're on the mission to improve student learning outcomes in Indonesia.

Previously, I led a design team of 90+ people at Bukalapak. We infused the human-centered practice into the company to deliver value for the customers.

Before that, I worked with Shopify to improve the onboarding experience and defining the icon language and principles. I worked with various companies during my time as a freelancer: Yahoo, Wealthsimple, Marvelapp, Zerply, and more!

I created icon foundry called Budicon in 2013. It used and helped many companies like inVision, Hotjar, Adobe, Creative Market, and Disney.

Co-creator. I work collaboratively with multidisciplinary team to solve wicked problems

Framework fanatic. I develop and apply frameworks for my team to make impact at scale

Business aware. I connect the dots to produce viable, valuable, feasible products to achieve desired outcome.


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