Asklausen Logotype

About The Project

Asklausen is an independent software developer based in Denmark. He was in need for a personal logo-type to build his portfolio in next couple months that could represent his personality. We talked about it and agreed to have somewhat a unique character that have sense of professionalism and also “humble”.

My Approach

I developed and directed the logo-type from scratch by exploring a lot of possibilities in the beginning and try to catch a sense of “minimal+fun” but also unique at the same time.
Build everything from a brush stroke is a method that I think will fit with this project from the beginning.


From the beginning, we agreed to explore 4 styles to see how far we can get. I’m trying to approach this with different kind of strokes from my brushes. As you can see below, at this point it’s still rough and kinda sketchy, just so we can communicate and know which direction we should go with.


The client was right away picked the 3rd concept and want it to be the final one, so we discussed about what he like and what he doesn’t feel quite right on that concept and have a commitment to take a look on the details.
The client was also interested on the “underline” from concept 2, but it’s too “arrogant” or too “bold” for him, so we decided to use enhance it but in simple way. There’s few back and forth work since we need to take a look which part would work best.


I prepared the final sketch before vector process, this allowed me to have a precise guide while do the vectorizing. I scanned everything and keep the notes near me to remind me. The sketch itself isn’t perfectly smooth yet, in Illustrator I will adjust everything on the fly.

While I'm vectorizing it, I found that there is possibility to give more option to make this logo-type looks “brushy” or have a nice and smooth edges and curves. I talked and discussed this with the client, and we decided to go with the smoother one because it's fits more with his personality.

Words from Anders Klausen.

It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with Budi on creating my personal logotype. I’ve been thoroughly impressed by the creative process of which the concept has been systematically developed and meticulously refined based on my feedback. I appreciate the fact that Budi is both highly skilled as well as being very keen to understanding how each representation of a brushstroke is perceived through the lens of others. Budi has been more than considerate to my initial thoughts, which've led to a beautiful end result that I’m immensely happy with.

Currently available for short-term project (2-3 months).
Avarage response time: 4 days.